Virtual Schools – The Development and the Benefits It Brings

1. Introduction: Virtual SchoolsA virtual school or cyberschool describes an institution that provides courses taught entirely or partially through online methods. Although there are hundreds of thousands of commercial and non-accredited and which are available online, the term “virtual school” is used for accredited schools that offer full-time courses designed to lead to the receipt of a diploma. All or most of the services for students led by Internet technology. Virtual schools differ from traditional schools through physical media that connect administrators, teachers and students. Virtual schools are public schools about distance learning.There are different models of virtual schools. And teaching models range from fully independent (asynchronous) semester courses with teachers facilitating virtual (synchronous). The size of virtual classes varies from some 25 students per class to about 200 students in a class section depending on the technology used for communication. Students establish contacts with teachers and collaborate with other students through web communication devices provided by the exchange distribution platforms like Blackboard, or other options that facilitate the commission of a lesson.Communication can often be made by phone. To help with communication many virtual schools have implemented their programs to assist in building maintenance courses and student profiles. There are also many books and training manuals to assist in the development of these schools and educational courses.Most virtual schools today are descendants of correspondence schools. Often called as schools with long-distance correspondence they offer students an alternative compared to traditional form of tedious meetings and boring inside a school. These schools used the postal service for student-teacher interactive komunikin or use two directional radio broadcasting, television tapes ever with pre-recorded. Students were expected to learn the appropriate materal individually and sometimes meet with a supervisor to be tested. Modern virtual schools offer more or less the same alternative for students with a greater range and often interactive.Virtual schools already exist around the world. Some of them are integrated into public schools where students sit at computers in labs and do their work online. In other situations students can be totally “home educated” or may pursue any combination of private schools, public or virtual.2. Who use the distance learning networks?Imagine learning with friends online, expertise and resources that are available at any time you want or need. These classmates are from urban or rural areas or from countries very remote and forgotten. They, like you do not need to leave their home. You can learn all together without being in the same place, in the ordinary sense, but in a virtual space, a “cyberspace”, using systems of networks that connect people anywhere around the globe. Students can enter a virtual classroom, wherever located, just have to own a laptop and a modem, a phone line, satellite or radio tapes. Network connection using one of the mediums mentioned above turns your computer screen into a window to the world of learning.Networking is the name used for these shape spaces that have broken the barriers imposed by gjografike spaces. Satellite and telephone signals create a web or a wide network that can connect one computer to another anywhere in the world. Based on these nets educators create a learning environment where effective teachers and students in different locations work together to hewn their skills of understanding about a particular issue.Most systems that support networks in distance learning are based only on the text (some may support the communications and audio and graphics). The written word is a typical tool of learning as learning fits, repeat group and sharing knowledge. Practically the entire teaching is built around books and records, written and communication networks mediated by computers (Computer-Mediated Communications CMC) using exactly the text as a means to share information and build knowledge of the group. Shumiva networks are asynchronous CMC. This is because by using nature-based text (text-based) communication allows all participants to work in their own space individual learning and take as long as they want to read, reflect, write and share repeated before questions, knowledge or information with others.So learning networks are groups of people remotely using CMC networks to learn together in time and space that suits you and you need them for a particular issue. Use of these computer networks in education at various levels from kindergarten to university presents new ways of teaching and learning by bringing an increase in feedback. Users of these networks is generating enthusiastic response of teachers and students who think that networking technologies can improve the traditional way of learning and teaching and education at the same time to enter a new era of new possibilities for communication, collaboration and construction of knowledge. In a world where learning throughout life is simultaneously made possible and necessary social and technological changes staggering, comfort and efficiency that provides this new way of learning makes it a great educational force for the 21st century.The historical view of computer network and distance learningComputer-based communication networks originally occurred in the 1960s with the email address in the time-sharing computers (media sharing at the same time). People communicate by sending messages using the same mainframe computers through terminals connected to mainframe or dial-up telephone lines (for long distance). In 1969, ARPANET was developed as a U.S. government experiment in multiple sites that used the technology packages (dedicated phone lines for data communication). It was originally developed to connect researchers with central computers to share hardware and software resources, as disk space, the power of the processor, database, etc..Users soon realized that they wanted more than that. They wanted nets which allow them to send messages to each state tjetran about their projects. So in the 1970 was added the possibility of sending the e-mail, which became menjehre used in service with the network. Mail lists (or distribution lists) were those which were implemented later after users realized that there would have to send e-mail but only one person against a particular group. In 1983 ARPANET split into ARPANET and Milne (an unclassified military network), but kumunikimi between the two continued. Bond between them became the basis of the Internet (the largest network in the world nowadays).At the beginning of academic networks and educators had limited access to them.ARPANET access was limited to the Army and we are working with universities to protect research. Networking with other applications such as UUCP, a worldwide communication network Unix decentralized and cooperative, and USENET (User’s Network-Network users) took place years later in 1970, initially to serve the university and then to commercial organizations. BITNET (Because It’s Time Network) and CSNET (the Comp Science Network) was spread later to create a national network for academics and researchers. These networks were not originally part of the Internet, but later he developed some special connection to make possible the exchange of information and sending messages between different communities. This connection between the networks was that the basis was laid for the creation of the Internet further. NSFNET (National Science Foundation Network) was another network that was created to link researchers and academics around the U.S. with five supercomputer centers. NSFNET, which is the backbone of the Internet replaced the ARPANET and CSNET.Conference report of the first computer system (virtual conference) was held in 1970.Computer or virtual conferences provide the opportunity of communicating to a group of temporary and usually supports the roles of the group, such as leader or moderator. The first system included 20 people around the U.S. and developed over a period of 13 weeks. This was the Emissary (Emergency Management Information System and Reference Index), which evolved in a conference system to a high degree and complete with the possibility of sending personal messages, involvement in discussions and communications with real-time messages.These computer systems used for conferences Conference was originally used for the delivery of courses and activities in early 1980 when the availability of networks based on the use of packets (packet-switching) as Telenet and Tymnet U.S. did the cost of access to these systems with affordable by teachers and students, so the general public. Interest in distance learning networks grew conference presentation and computer skills bulletins boards, with sophisticated media communication in the group, which offered teachers better ways to determine the structure of learning and groups. The first usage of computer in teaching conferences were without credit mini courses and executive training programs and courses in the form of a class at the college level. Today networks of education / distance learning have been adapted with success at all levels of learning.Over the past two decades have developed two educational aspects of computer networks at remote locations. They are developed in a traditional courses which pengjasojne with a real classroom, in the form of forums for njohurike nets, for participation in discussion groups or sharing information with friends or experts as well as access to online resources.Distance 4.E-learningDistance Education or Distance Learning (distance learning) is an area of education that focuses on methods and learning technologies with the goal of learning delivery, usually on an individual basis, to students who are not physically present in one form or location, traditional learning: a classroom. He is described as a process to create and provide access to learning when the source information and students or pupils are dispersed in time or distance, or both together. Distance education courses that require physical presence for any reason ( to make examinations) are called hybrid or mixed courses of study.4.1.History and developmentDistance education dates back rreth1728 when a notice in the Boston newspaper, Caleb Phillips, teacher of new methods of shorthand, demanded the students to send in weekly lectures.In modern times, distance education was initially supported the development of postal service in the 19th century and was practiced at least since Isaac Pitman taught shorthand in Great Britain via correspondence, circa 1840. University of London was the first who has given us distane teaching degrees, creating the External Programme. We first U.S. president of the University of Chicago developed the concept of extended learning, where university research had departameti satellite colleges of education in the wider community. He also kurajoi concept courses at remote locations, an idea was put into practice from Columbia University.Carnegie Foundation funded Wedemeyer’s called Articulated Instructional Media Project (AIM) which brought a variety of communication technologies in order to provide conditions for learning a population which was not developed in terms of education.Depending on Moore’s law, AIM impressed by England, which imported the idea when we built the 1969 Open University, which initially relied on radio and television broadcasting for most of its distributions. Already has many institutions around the world with the name Open Universities. All these technologies use distance learning as a methodology of dissolution.American Open University was a pioneer in the use of computer conferences to communicate remotely. This was used as a way to enhance and develop student teacher communication. Later it was adopted and the British as part of a massive exchange-based distance education. Open University in England, he brought the number of accounts in computer conferences up to 1300 students in a course.Further development of computers and networking technologies to the largest network in the world today, the internet has been its undisputed influence and distribution of distance learning, making it easier and faster. This development has led before all virtual universities and other forms of education that take place online. In 2006, Sloan society, a body which may have a conflict of interest in the matter, reported that: More than 96% of large institutions have some online offerings, which is more than twice the rate for institutions with smaller. Also about 3.2 million American students are taking at least one online course during the first semetrit 2005. A study published in 2011 by the U.S. Department of Education found that “From 2000 to 2008, the percentage of undergraduate students enrolled in at least one distance education class has been expanded from 8% to 20%, and the percentage of students enrolled in a degree program has increased from 2% to 4%. Today there are many private and public institutions, non-profit and profit organizations worldwide which offer distance learning courses from basic level up to higher levels of achievement than taking the diploma degree and doctoral programs.4.2.The technologies used in DistributionTypes of available technologies used for distance communication are divided into two groups: synchronous learning and asynchronous learning.Synchronous Learning 1.Teknologjia consists of such distribution, where all participants are at the same time. It resembles modekin of traditional learning in the classroom despite the fact that participants are located in different countries. Requires time to organize. Web conferencing, videoconferencing, educational television, et. Are examples of synchronous technology as are direct satellite broadcasting (DBS Direct-Broadcat Satellite), Internet, radio, live communications, telephone and Web-Based VoIP.The Learning 2.Teknologjia Async is such that participants access the course materials available in their personal skedulen. This makes this technology more flexible. Students not required to be together at the same time. Mail correspondence, which is the oldest form of communication at a distance, using an asynchronous distribution technology.Other examples are various forums, planks messages, e-mail, video and audio recordings, printed materials, e-mail and fax-voice.Both methods can be combined in a single course. Eg some of the courses offered by open universities using regular teaching sessions daily for residential and distance learning completed. Other technological methods used in the delivery of distance learning include three dimensional virtual world (3D) online. A 3D virtual world famous, worldwide active, used for synchronous and asynchronous learning. They provide opportunities for students to work bashkarrisht.4.3.Advantages and DisadvantagesDiana G. Oblinger, has identified four broad reasons why educational institutions can embrace distance learning:a.Aksesim wide: in distance education can help satisfy the demand for education and training for people and businesses in general, especially because it offers the possibility of a flexibility to accommodate the limitations of how much the times imposed by the commitments and responsibilities personal.b.Lehtesim limited capacity: being mostly or entirely off-site (in different countries / outside the field of view), the system reduces demand on institutional infrastructure, such as buildings.c.Marrja money from emerging markets: it claims a growing acceptance by the population of the value of lifelong learning, beyond the normal school age, and that institutions can benefit financially from this by adopting distance education. She sees education sectors such as courses for business executives as more profitable than traditional markets.d.Katalizator for institutional transformation: a modern competitive market requires rapid change and innovation, for which she believes that distance learning programs can act as a catalyst.Casey and Lorenzen have identified another financial benefit for American institutions, stating that distance education provides young graduates, who may be willing to donate money for the school that has never been associated with the school under the systemtraditional.But on the other hand there and criticism. Express such a concern that students who use adult distance education can be found such as obstacles, distractions inside the house and the incredible technologies that will do the end of a difficult course in the distance.5.What can expect teachers and students from participating in virtual schools?Early experiences with distance learning networks have shown the potential for significant educational income. Networking technologies can be easy to learn and their use makes learning and teaching with rich and effective.Networks offer students and teachers were new ideas, new perspectives, culture and local resources available to the rich with information. Lobby group provides multiple perspectives on a theme. Gross intercultural communication and global understanding are also facilitated. A good understanding of intercommunication between peoples of the world can contribute to learning how to respond to problems – global, political, social and environmental.With distance learning networks, time, place and pace of education are expanding and have become more individual, and interaction and collaboration between colleagues is highlighted. Pupils and teachers, having a computer, modem, telephone line and service network can have access to expertise, resources and colleagues whenever they want or desire.Quality of interaction is also improved. Interaction through networks helps to break down communication barriers and obstacles that often stifle the open exchange of ideas in traditional classrooms. There are also significant benefits motivating. Users of the network is very motivating for both parties, students and teachers: children interact with computer networks with energy and enthusiasm, which is often lacking in traditional classes. Pupils and teachers are stimulated by the ability to share ideas, concerns and solutions with colleagues across the country, so much easier if they were in another room.Distance learning networks are also used effectively by students and teachers who are blind and / or deaf. Handicapped, as they learn basic technologies, can participate equally with their disability being invisible. A network such as real-time konferencal system enables students to be included in the written language, as they may be involved in spoken language. Writing on the Internet can be used for many purposes, ranging from informal requests for texts up to read texts for discussion or compositions of students in composing extended texts together online.Some of the main reasons that teachers have put their nets in the class activities are to expand students’ opportunities for social interaction or appropriate with colleagues, to enable or enhance opportunities for students work in groups, either face to face or in distance education, and to ensure the students in accessing online resources and information appropriate.In summary, some advantages of the use of distance learning networks are:• Communication with teachers becomes equally and directly.• Relationships between teachers have been increasing.• Education becomes centered on students, teaching is done by the colleagues.• learning opportunities for all pupils are equal: student-student interactions between the group have been increasing.• Personal communication between participants is increased.• Teaching and Learning is collaborative.• There is more time to reflect on ideas, students can explore in the nets, exchange ideas and opinions is expanded; class becomes global.• teacher-student hierarchy is broken. Teachers become students and students become teachers.There are disadvantages to online learning. More preparatory work needed for teachers and students need to work hard to stay updated on the topic in order to participate fully and actively in learning. Networks encourage, even require active participation rather than passive. In order to be “present”, users should make some comments and be much more interactive. Students report information overload, communication anxiety about delayed responses in an asynchronous environment, increasing labor and responsibility, difficulty navigating the Internet and follow the topics of the discussion, the loss of virtual tracks and concerns about health issues associated with computer use.6.Technologies of distance learning NetworksTechnologies that support distance learning networks are simple and straightforward to be used. Although advanced technology and the complex are available, this is not an issue that complex systems to be better than simple systems. Some of these technologies are:6.1. Bulletin BoardsThis technology is an appropriate starting point for teaching groups of 20-50 people, who are placed in a local phone, otherwise the communication area. Bulletin board systems are also appropriate resources to support specific communities or clubs in public schools and can be used to support counseling and tutoring.New generations of personal computers may support more species than the type of computer communication in previous systems. Since the population size and the amount of communication increases, there is a need, however, for rich communication structures (such as Conferencing systems) to support a wider range of learning activities.6.2. Mail SystemsAn e-mail system is a means of electronic transfer of data to send or receive messages through the network. Moreover, the most advanced e-mail have increased the ability of units to be attached binary file messages to facilitate the exchange of large amounts of information.Today most universities are part of a worldwide network that allows anyone from any university to send messages at any other university. In general, these networks with hardware-ike-mail software allow communication between individuals anywhere where the network extends to lower rates than phone or mail. In many cases, local school systems are associated with universities and basic networks through their international network.Large proportions of the population and geographical spread of these academic networks enable new and unique communities of learning and application of distance learning. Systems E-mail are useful for achieving specific individual communication and information exchange in time between small groups. However, any active use of message systems quickly leads to the problem of information overload. Another limitation of the message systems is the difficulty of learning activities to facilitate group work online. Systems and e-mail does not automatically organize messages according to topic or group, a common object and registered are not available to coordinate and online communication to unify the group.6.3. Topic News ServiceMany networks have created databases to post messages on a particular topic, giving individuals the ability to decide whether they want to enter them to access the information or to register for regular referral of information about a theme or message group.The ability of group messaging enables a dynamic group newsletter, in which any member can add information to other members. Benefits for the groups are visible; network provides a mechanism for continuous and interactive exchange among colleagues that motivates and increases professionalism among educators and fulfillment. The problem of geographical spread of public school teachers from specialized fields can be solved with networking technology in distance learning.Computer 6.4. ConferencesThe model of electronic mail system has no mechanism to enable a group to collaborate on a joint, except for isolated exchange of information items. Computer conferencing is based on the concept that program facilities can be built in computer to allow groups to coordinate and organize material in a manner appropriate to their communication objectives. It thus provides specific groups within the software space that can be tailored to their needs. For better understanding, it is also called virtual reality, as in group communication structures are in fact created by a particular social system.A computer conference is a transcript of a discussion guarded by a group in an easily accessible format. Each conference has level access privileges set by the person who opens (creates) conference, specifying, for example, which may be a member of the conference. Each conference provides a membership list that allows participants to show who has read the material, so you can know where are all discussed. Some systems allow the people to make changes in their contribution to the first and inform members about any changes. Other systems are structured to allow several individuals to edit the same contributions to login or anonymous contributions. Conferencing systems can allow functions such as different types of voting. In more advanced computer systems Conference, the person who opens a conference may be scheduled at a special conference. Some systems can provide sophisticated tools or information management skills, so that material can be rearranged to reflect different requirements for review.Conference Computer Systems can be used in face to face classes or serve as an environment for classes offered entirely online. A class may be face to face using a computer conference to increase the time available for discussion in class or for group work. The conference can also be used to connect students in different classes or schools. Conference report a computer system that serves a community education can be designed and established to serve specific needs of this community.6.5. DirectoryNetworks of Distance Learning need a directory service to identify other members of the network, the types of conferences available, and topics that are explored by groups of common interest. When someone starts talking about education population of several hundreds or thousands, the computer should facilitate the ability of individuals to find those groups in which they wish to participate.There are some promising advances in the field, such as websites that offer electronic directory of addresses and a brief description of all Internet resources. Also, a public domain software, Web, and provides direct access easier for all websites.7. Distance learning network in AlbaniaToday the future of education regards to distance learning schools. This for the reason that interntit development platform, which has increased the speed of communication.Adoption of online distance learning has become the trend of the moment today in schools around the world. Albania is part of a global shift towards knowledge-source material and intellectual resources as a basis for economic growth. Educators across Albania are aware that students must have an education that enables students to successfully participate and contribute to the construction of knowledge. In order to benefit from e-learning, higher education institutions in Albania must perform considerable analysis before in order to assess their readiness.

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Medical Education As a Career in India – A Goldmine of Opportunity

Medical Sciences refers to the science of the preservation of health as well as the prevention and treatment of disease. Derived from the Latin ars medicina, “the art of healing Medicine”, it is a stream related to health sciences and public life. It is mainly concerned with maintaining or restoring human health through the study, diagnosis, treatment and possible prevention of disease. From time immemorial, this field has been viewed as a prestigious profession.This is one arena where the possibility of research and innovations are never ending. Therefore, it is one of the few professional streams where there is no fear of stagnation.Why choose Medicine/Medical Sciences as a career?A profession that is known for its closest ties to altruism and selflessness, Medicine/Medical Sciences garners great respect from the society. A noble profession, it is dedicated to the alleviation of human pain and suffering and the prevention of diseases to promote a healthy lifestyle. No wonder the profession is regarded as both an art and a science.
The rapidly expanding health care sector, not only in India but also the world over, has resulted in a huge demand for trained professionals in this field. Career prospects for trained doctors/nurses/specialists are, therefore, very good. Health care specialists including paramedical specialists and technicians, and educators are an important constituent in the ongoing betterment of societal health standards.Over the next couple of decades, population in the age-group 15-59 is set to grow at the highest rate to constitute 64.5 per cent of the total Indian population. As a result, their health concerns will occupy more mindshare in years to come. Lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are likely to keep plaguing us. To offset this, there will be a rising demand for medical care. India is posited to become an active nucleus for medical innovation and scientific advancement in the forthcoming years. Today, medical technology serves as a vital tool and a global platform for communication enabling physicians from all over the world to exchange ideas, views, and perspectives with each other. The field is a dynamic one, which continues to evolve, affording myriad opportunities for skilled professionals.Trends and industry facts: * Today, the Indian healthcare industry is estimated at $35 billion and is slated to grow to $75 billion by 2013.* To meet the burgeoning demand for healthcare professionals in the country, India is likely to need at least seven million more.* This is way ahead of retail which stands at 2 million and IT enabled services at 5 million.* On the other hand, medical professionals will need to serve the medical needs of 1.2 billion by 2015.* 180 recognized medical colleges in India produce close to 27,000 graduates every year. Approximately, 24,000 doctors are registered with the Medical Council of India (MCI) into the practice every year. This, as is evident, is acutely short of the requirement. (MCI annual report 2006-2007)* Even by a conservative estimate, India lags behind 0.2 million doctors and 0.5 million nurses currently. This does not even include paramedical and administrative personnel.* In spite of the need for doctors and the expected growth of this industry, India severely lacks well-equipped training facilities even today.* Lack of mandated standardization and regulation in the profession has resulted in over 90 per cent of healthcare being serviced by the unorganized sector.* State wise, there is a big gap in the country between healthcare workers and population. In Uttar Pradesh, the number of doctors per lac population is 23 and the number of nurses per lac population is 9.24. As against this, in Kerala, the number of doctors per lac population is 56.72 and the number of nurses per lac population is 78.41.So, there you have it! Being a doctor in India is what is needed. All macroeconomic numbers are on your side.

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Case Management: A Progression in Investigation Case Handling

For law enforcement and internal affairs organizations, tracking become one of the most important methods to ensure accountability and increase the effectiveness of investigations. Apart from accountability, agencies must also ensure best practice internal processes throughout the investigation lifecycle-from instigation and the initial investigation through case finalization and review. Investigations address unique and seemingly endless demands and requirements that necessitate process efficiency with innovative tools, superior methodologies, and cutting-edge architectures. Silo-based approaches that employ multiple databases and systems create significant integration, information sharing, and data-quality challenges within the agency itself and across external agencies.Case management paves the way for increasing investigative effectiveness and improved case solvability. In defining the importance of case management, Gartner, Inc., says, “At the most elemental level, case management is the electronic equivalent of what has supported business over several centuries: the cabinets, drawers, folders, forms and collaborative workflow processes supporting important human decisions. Case management captures the backward-and-forward nature of human interaction to reach a specific outcome”.The Case Management Process ModelAgencies involved in investigation processes have to deal with vast amounts of information, both in physical and digital formats. A case management process model must exist and be able to easily interact with the physical investigation. It is also critical to have a proper mechanism to gather, share and access information. For detectives, this is a challenge that can directly affect the integrity and solvability of the case.There are two primary process model requirements that any investigative case management solution must meet:• The solution must be specific enough that general technology requirements for each phase can be developed (such as forms to eliminate manual processes, role-based security, notification controls, and reporting capabilities to meet compliance and audits).• The foundation of the solution must apply to any investigative process (the workflow must be built in the system to address multiple facets of business process management, capable of withstanding minor customizations yet maintaining best practices).Compliance is a key issue in almost every vertical market. Whether satisfying legislative requirements covering anti-corruption, identifying fraud, ensuring accounting standards, or preventing money laundering, process management technologies have earned their incitement to ensure compliance. Built-in workflow requirements such as preventing users from proceeding to the next stage of an investigation and maintenance of user access and data changes in a case ensure an auditable trail. Process management has proven its worth in recording all stages of an investigation to guarantee activities such as audits, compliance, evidence tracking, and data monitoring.. A proven process model must be built into case management solutions to ensure compliance.The Criticality of Technology in Case Management Processes:Over the last five years, there has been a noticeable increase in organizations looking to technology for automation, while maintaining agility with routine investigative activities. Law enforcement agencies are challenged to must close cases quickly and accurately, which is pressuring the adaptation of new tools and methods to increase productivity and effectiveness and lower costs. The most recent debates of case management versus business process management have been discussed in many online and analyst platforms, but the fact is that the two are not independent of one another. Automation plays a vital role in process management, and technological solutions establish a culture for continuous process improvement within an organization. An effective case management solution allows for process design and simulation, workflow control, integration tools, and business rules.The role of technology in investigations will continue to grow to meet the explosion of digital content, social media, and cyber culture. Electronic evidence and information gathering have become critical components in an increased number of crimes and conflicts. From criminal cases, civil disputes, medical malpractice, and employee misconduct to acts of terrorism, if there is a computer, media device or digital file involved, the chances are very good that investigators will need to recover valuable evidence for analysis. Technology paves the way for investigation agencies to keep track of information and evidence. This transformation has also created a need for case management web based solutions-linking information to one or many cases and helping uncover complex relationships among matter (people, places, and things).The primary drivers of a technology solution to improve efficiencies and maintain best practices for investigation handling and case management include:- Incident Intake and Tracking- Compliance- Workflow Management- Reporting- Data Management and Collaboration- Role-based Security- Evidence Tracking- Third-party Integrations (systems, databases, or data warehouses)- Performance Measurements- Internal AuditsThe Benefits Associated with Case Management Software:The most significant value to organizations using case management software is the consolidation of activities and information around a single platform and process. All case details are stored in a central location and can be jointly viewed. In 2011, the Federal Bureau of Investigations “Reported saving up to two years in document review time compared to the manual case process”. These benefits improve incident response time and aid in managing higher case volumes.A web-based case management system with built-in workflow provides the following benefits:- Shortens processing time for case investigations- Ensures compliance with state and federal regulations- Detects emerging trends and manages risk- Analyzes investigations and improves processes workflow- Simplifies and automates complex processes- Enhances collaboration, work flexibility and productivity- Improves resource management- Increases visibility through an Internet browser access- Expands information availability through data integration- Improves data security and addresses privacy policies- Maintains consistent audit procedures- Increases data quality by eliminating recurring errors and repetitive data entry- Increases efficiency with electronic forms and customizable workflows – Enhances record, document, and evidence management tracking- Reduces time for report publishing – Increases data usability through relationship dependency mappingSelecting a Case Management Solution:An effective case management solution should include these six key capabilities to help an organization process more cases at a lower cost.1. Information capture:Look for a solution that can eliminate mundane and error-prone human data entries, and create and use high-fidelity e-forms to reduce the costs, bottlenecks, and risks associated with paper-based processing.2. Data extraction:Most software that can perform data extraction require predefined forms. Case management software should be able to accept and manage changing content and retrieve relevant information.3. Business Process Management (BPM):BPM is a discipline and a set of technologies that can help automate, optimize, and effectively monitor and measure business processes. Case management is not independent of BPM; the two must be aligned.4. Content and record management:Move beyond basic search and data access with true content and record management that provides a broad, real-time view of the information and documentation related to a particular case. In addition, the case management solution must be able to handle sensitive content and expose it only to authorized users.5. Compliance and record retention: An automated solution with an auditable electronic trail that documents any changes made to records, evidence, and internal communications. This is crucial when dealing with compliance requirements.6. Collaboration and Communication Management:The solution must encourage on-the-fly collaboration, both internally and externally. Communication management includes correspondence, e-mails, and notifications.The success of utilizing case management technologies for investigations is highly dependent on the vendor you choose. When it comes to selecting a vendor to implement a case management solution, do your homework. Interview multiple vendors and take the time to develop a relationship and learn the organizations’ methodology for implementation, customizations, and support. Look for a vendor who has a proven track record and can provide relevant references in your industry. Any vendor too eager to “make the sale” and not take the time to develop a relationship and future partnership, should be immediately removed from your vendor viability list. A vendor should be willing to take the time to understand your organization and your processes before offering any type of out of the box solution.

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Top 6 Mistakes App Entrepreneurs Make During App Development and Marketing

Building a successful mobile app is a tough task. Chances are low for all mobile app developers to excel. New app developers who are jump starting out in the game are afraid to take the risks, as most of the new apps are left unnoticed in the market. If you see the app store, you will find that more than 50% of the apps fail in the market. This is the reason why beginners face a lot of challenges to become successful app developers.How entrepreneurs enter the app marketThere are many companies that encourage beginners to step up and try their luck in mobile app development. There is a great difference between being technically skilled and becoming successful. Not all skilled app developers are successful in mobile app industry. The biggest task for app developers is to develop a unique app and market it straight to their customers. I would like to share the top 6 mistakes entrepreneurs should avoid while developing and marketing the mobile app.

Building an app for multiple platforms

This is one of the common mistakes app developers do. Entrepreneurs face a very competitive space, as there are millions of apps on Google Play and Apple Store. Instead of doubling the cost of developing app for multiple platforms, one should focus on building for one platform first. By launching a mobile app on two different platforms simultaneously, you are adding more to the development time and cost.Additionally, if you make any changes to the design and/or functionality of the app in one platform, you have to do it on both places. Hence, developers should avoid this mistake of developing for multiple platforms at the same time.

Incorporating too many features

Most of the mobile apps fail in the market due to very less or too many features. However, there are lots of apps that are plain and simple, and yet have a great potential to sustain in the market. Users check new apps for a short period of time. Providing too many features will drive away users, as the features may make the app look complicated.The goal of entrepreneurs should be to keep the users glued to the app. This is possible by incorporating essential features on primary screen and rest of the features to secondary screens. This strategy not only keeps the app simple, but attracts new users too. The app users will not show much interest in overwhelming design and features, and discard the app. Hence, it is important to develop apps with this in mind.

Forgetting the ‘WOW’ factor

The number of mobile app users is expected to reach 80 million by the year 2018. Seeing the increasing number of mobile app users, App Stores of Android and Apple have set a bar with the design and user experience. If you give your Smartphone to a child, he/she will know how to use it. This means, the expectations of mobile users are entirely different from that of web. The user will give up on your app, if it is very difficult to use.On the contrary, online users may not give up so easily despite of poor user experience. App developers should understand this difference and build extra-ordinary mobile apps with stunning features and functionality. As soon as the user launches the app, there should be a ‘wow’ factor to hook up the users.

Inflexible marketing plan

App development and app marketing are two important phases of building a successful app. However, entrepreneurs tend to show much interest in development compared to app marketing. As the App Stores are crowded with millions of apps, your app may not be discovered on app store even on the day of launch if you fail to market it properly. Entrepreneurs should think of a perfect marketing plan as the app is being developed. Apps can be marketed in multiple ways by creating a clear strategy of target audience and their preferences.If we see social media, we understand how drastically it has changed in the recent years. Marketing goals are changing from time to time, as a result of which what is working today may not work tomorrow. Entrepreneurs should create a flexible marketing plan that accommodates current and future market situations. By being flexible with own marketing strategies, app entrepreneurs can stay ahead of others.

Putting all the efforts in one basket

Technology and marketing are ever evolving, which means a single strategy will not generate same results. If you see the development and marketing plan of the top 10 best mobile apps, you will see how they used technology to market their apps. The marketing channels they used earlier were entirely different from that of the channels they are using now. It means entrepreneurs should diversify their marketing efforts to ensure that they are not putting all the efforts in one basket. Focusing on one tactic for long period may diminish the returns.My advice is to consider marketing plans as investment strategies. If you want a steady increase in popularity & profitability of the mobile app, you need a healthy mix of marketing tactics. Trying new marketing tactics and plucking the ones that are no longer effective will increase the popularity of the app.

Ignoring the audience and not releasing the updates

As an app entrepreneur, you should understand the fact that you are developing mobile app for other people. We all know that people have different need and preferences, and it is difficult to develop an app for everyone. It is essential to define target audience before defining the features of apps. Before developing an app check what actually users want and what type of solution they prefer.Even after developing an app that has demand in the industry, there would be people who are unsatisfied with the features or performance of the app. The job of an app entrepreneur doesn’t end with development and marketing. The mobile app should be improved on a regular basis according to the user’s preferences. Once the bugs are fixed, an update must be released so that audiences are aware of the fixes.Developing a great mobile app is not an easy task. There are lots of hurdles that come across while developing and marketing the app. By avoiding the above listed mistakes while developing and marketing the app you will increase the chances of creating a successful app that is covered by press and is well monetized.Getting into the world of mobile app development is tough at first. However, with lot of hard work, dedication, commitment and skills one can expect the app to hit the market with a ‘BANG’. As a beginner, entrepreneurs should create something new and unique to have a good start in mobile app development industry. An established mobile app development company can further provide professional approach and advice to entrepreneurs and can make the whole process a lot easier for them.

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Develop A Marketing And Marketing Communications Strategy And Plan For Small Or Midsized Companies

Planning for the year ahead is never an easy task. Lack of resources (people, time, budget), keeping up to date on what’s going on in your market, obtaining quality leads and improving brand awareness and reputation have become increasingly difficult for all organizations – for profit companies as well as nonprofits. This has become especially true among US CEO’s who are concerned with not just domestic but also international uncertainties.Developing A Marketing And Marketing Communications Strategy Is CriticalThis should be your priority. Without a strategy for a plan there are way too many opportunities to get off track and chew up your investment. Your ROI will suffer. Consider the following to focus your efforts when developing your strategy and plan:1. Determining, understanding and verifying your target customers and prospects should be at the top of your agenda. To improve profitability and ROI you must know what your audience wants and needs, how they perceive your brand and how it stands up to competition.Be sure to avoid industry and company “myths” and internal “opinions”. Employ primary and secondary research to understand your audience. With so much information available about companies and brands, it is truly the Age Of The Consumer and will be for a very long time.2. Additionally, as part of your knowledge of your audience, determine the size and scope of various sub-segments that exist today and will tomorrow. For example, does your audience include women, or Asians, or Hispanics? If so, look at the dramatic growth of these segments of the populations and determine if your brand needs to pay particular attention to them.Also, recognize that millennials (23% of the US population) are not a homogenous group. At the younger end (20 – 28 years), 40 percent t are currently living rent free with family, while at the older end (29 – 35 years), 43 percent have already purchased a home. With that in mind, how should your strategy differ if you’re targeting adults 55 years and older (21% of US population)?3. Once you clearly understand your audience, develop your unique brand position. To do this, create a brand positioning statement. The statement is a succinct description of the core target audience to whom the brand is directed and a compelling picture of how you want your audience to view the brand. Sound simple? Take a few minutes and try to answer the four components of your positioning:· The target audience, in very specific detail· The category in which you complete and its relevance to customers· The brand’s benefit and point of difference· A reason for the customer to believe – the most compelling proofAll marketing and marketing communications should flow from this positioning, and it should be fully understood and embraced by all employees, sales reps, partners and management.4. Improving brand awareness is very important but only the first step. You also need to create great customer experiences with each touch point of your brand. And that means creating brand advocacy at all levels of contact. Develop brand champions at every level of purchase and repurchase to improve ROI.Be sure these influencers completely understand, believe and can articulate your brand premise. And provide them with the training and tools to convey their trust-worthiness in a believable manner.Developing A Focused Marketing And Marketing Communications Plan And BudgetAfter the hard work of developing a meaningful strategy, recognize it’s equally important to develop a specific plan and budget. The following should be taken into consideration:1. You must be media neutral and open minded in developing your plan and budget. It is extremely important to understand the difference between “efficiency” and “effectiveness”, and not get caught up with the latest trendy new tactic.Regardless of the specific marketing tactic, or type of digital or traditional media, you’re evaluating, keep in mind that cost efficiency does not necessarily lead to effective results. Also, and most importantly, the best source of marketing communications leverage is the quality of the message, not the marketing tactic.2. The scope and diversity of marketing and marketing communications tactics has grown faster than the ability to measure some of them. Marketers now are actually spending money without knowing how it impacts their profitability and ROI! Consider the variety of ways in which nearly $450 billion is expected to be spent in the US in 2018:· Sales promotion ($83 billion), telemarketing ($60 billion), direct mail (($46 billion) and events ($40 billion) highlight projected 2018 US Marketing Services expenditures;· The internet ($78 billion), television ($68 billion) and the combination of radio, newspapers and magazines ($47 billion) are projected to be at the top of the 2018 US Major Media spending categories.Source: Zenith Total US SpendingAnd while it may surprise you, 90 percent of consumers (and 94 percent of millennials) still use coupons. The coupons come from a variety of on-line and traditional mediums, but mail is most popular. Why do marketers still use coupons? The simple answer is because they’re effective in guiding purchase. In developing your own plan and budget, determine and recognize the effectiveness of all marketing tactics, not just their efficiency.ROI Focused Marketing And Marketing Communications ConsultantsIf you’re like most small and midsized companies, you and your team may not have the expertise or time to develop an ROI focused marketing and marketing communications strategy, plan or budget.Even major global brands are seeking outside advisors. In my May article, I discussed the dramatic growth of management and accounting consulting practices (33% increase in US revenue) at the expense of traditional global advertising agencies (0.3% increase in US revenue). One reason for this 2017 growth of consultants is their focus – not on trends or what’s in the news – but on marketing and marketing communications effectiveness, profitably and ROI.While you may not be able to afford the large global consultants, you should consider hiring a marketing and/or marketing communications consultant. The type of people you should hire should:· Have a focus on ROI, with significant experience across industries, b2b and b2c brands, both large and small, as well as for profit and nonprofit organizations· Be media neutral, apolitical, down to earth, be willing to be part of a team and “tell it like it is” so candor will flourish· Have flexibility to bring in other professional specialists when and as needed so that overhead isn’t an ongoing expense· Have strong convictions to measure what has been done and measure what will be done to improve ROI, perhaps including a marketing communications auditIn today’s challenging environment, a greater focus on strategy, planning and budgeting can go a long way toward leapfrogging competition and improving brand profitability. And the fresh eyes of a consultant can go a long way to building a meaningful future for your brand.

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Short, Intermediate, And Longer – Term Impacts On Home Sales, When Rates Rise!

For many reasons, some, economic, while others, related to the pandemic – related, so – called, fatigue, etc, home prices, in most areas, have gone up, at, or, near, record amounts! Because of the prolonged period of artificially – created, low – interest rates, mortgage rates, have been at historic lows! Since, for most home buyers, using financing is essential to affording a purchase, when a low rate, causes cheap money, and, thus, the ability to afford more home – for – the – buck, prices usually rise! It permits qualified buyers to qualify for more money/ loan, because the ratio of monthly mortgage, to overall income, is artificially – reduced! How long will this trend continue, will it become the new – normal, will previous trends/ cycles return, and how will pricing be affected, in the immediate, intermediate, and longer – run, are, all factors, to consider! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some possibilities, to consider, and understand.

1. Short – term: Since, the Federal Reserve Bank, announced, they planned to raise rates, three times in 2022 (of course, this was before the potential implications, and ramifications, from the Omicron variant), many feel pressure, to act quickly, to take advantage of today’s low rates, before they go up! Three increases will probably translate to, at least, a 0.75% higher rate, which will translate, for most mortgages, to hundreds of extra dollars, per month. Some things to consider, and pay attention to, is, this rate of increased home prices, will, probably, not continue, especially, at such a large degree! How longer one, expects to keep a specific house, is, one issue, to consider, thoroughly, and wisely, before proceeding!

2. Intermediate – term: Although, many believe, to – know, the precise timing of any projected rate – hike, is uncertain! The Fed has changed, and/ or, altered its strategies and approaches, in the past, What the intermediate – term, may bring, including potential inflationary pressures, how long the economic conditions, and unknown factors, related to the pandemic, etc, will determine, largely, what this phase, may bring! In addition, the attitude, and perceptions of buyers, and their confidence, etc, largely impact this real estate market!

3. Longer – term: In the longer – run, will things, restore, to what we have seen, so often, in the past, which is, alternating cycles, between, Sellers, Buyers, and Neutral Markets? The possibilities, include: a continued large escalation; a more – gradual, but persistent – one; some leveling; and/ or, will we see, at least, in certain areas, some sort of falling prices, for a period.

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Affiliate Marketing Coach – Speed Up Your Affiliate Progress With A Coach

An affiliate marketing coach is someone who can help you lift the invisible ceiling which may be holding your affiliate business back. So much in business it is the limits of our thinking which stop us from achieving the things we set out to achieve.

In affiliate marketing this is very much the case. You don’t know what you don’t know! You may even be running down a rabbit hole in the complete wrong direction. I did this for years before finding an affiliate marketing coach who helped me.

Before this point I was trying to do everything alone. Many affiliates are doing the same but don’t realise their actions aren’t aligned with their desired outcomes. For me, I was focusing only on the things I liked to do, not the things which would drive my business forwards.

A clear perspective from a coach who isn’t so myopic in their thinking can change everything. If you keep doing what you’ve always done as an affiliate, your results will likely be the same. But if you’re prepared to step outside your comfort zone, you can make far greater changes in a small amount of time.

Much of affiliate marketing is about trial and error. You try several things and focus on the things which work. This is Pareto’s principle, or the 80:20 rule. But if you have no results to draw from, you could easily be focusing on strategies which will take years to gain any traction.

A few of the small shifts I made in my affiliate marketing endeavours are: shifting to promoting products which offer recurring commissions, I stopped promoting small value, low commission products, and I started using high ticket digital products instead.

These steps alone hugely helped me start generating tactics in my affiliate business. But I also got coaching and mentoring, and decided to take affiliate marketing more seriously. In the beginning, it was just a hobby, and I treated it like a hobby. But if you look at your affiliate business like a hobby, you’ll earn a hobby wage from it. Treat it more seriously, and focus on building a sustainable income which can replace existing work, and you can achieve much more. You get what you focus on!

Goals are useful signposts for affiliates too. For such a long time I was without a rudder as an affiliate. A goal gives you a specific destination you can measure and work towards. If you don’t have either a goal, or a strategy you can stick to with affiliate marketing, it’s easy to lose purpose and drift off in another direction.

When you’re looking for results and don’t have any, it can become completely demoralising! You need to stoke the fire of your own enthusiasm continually or you’re likely to become disillusioned and drop out. This happens to around 95% of affiliate marketers.

But you need to be in the 5% who stick at it and eventually break through and start making consistent sales. When this occurs will depend on the actions you take and how long you keep going for. If something isn’t working, try something else. Focus on the small wins like a hit on a website, or an email lead. Keep your enthusiasm high and you’ll be able to surmount the obstacles which come with the territory. But if you allow yourself to become dissatisfied, it’s much more difficult to keep going.

Affiliate marketing isn’t easy. It’s performance related which means that if you don’t make a sale, you don’t make any money. This is tough in the beginning because you can do a lot of activity which is unrewarded. But once you make a sale, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. This is the goal of many new affiliate marketers – to make their first sale.

Once you have some positive feedback in terms of success, you can focus on the activities which brought it about. But until this happens, you very much need to trust the process. If you’re also paying a membership fee while this is happening, there can come a point where you decide it’s simply not working! This is common, and people drop out. But if you have a coach you can trust, things are so much more sustainable.

An affiliate marketing coach can help you overcome negativity, indecision, hesitancy and self belief issues. A coach can help you see things in a different light and to notice limitations in your thinking.

For me this has been a complete game changer, and not just for affiliate marketing. When you notice your own self talk is talking away your success and happiness, you realise you are the creator of your own outcomes. As you remember to change your self talk and thinking habits, you realise without belief there is no action. So belief is everything.

The person we listen to more than anyone else in life is ourselves. We talk to ourselves in our head constantly. Re reaffirm what we think and believe about ourselves continually. If we can learn to tap into this power, and start giving ourselves more positive commands, then we can grow both personally and professionally in a much more congruent way than simply through thinking, planning and attempting things in only the physical aspect of our affiliate business.

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7 Benefits of Custom Aluminum Cases

If you want to carry your expensive electronic items or any type of fragile instrument, we suggest that you be on the safe side. We suggest that you pack your expensive stuff in a reliable case. In other words, you may want to invest in a dependable custom aluminum case to carry your items with you. After all, you don’t want your stuff to get damaged during transportation. In this article, we are going to talk about some major benefits of custom aluminum cases. Read on to find out more.

1. Durability

First of all, one of the major advantages of these units is that they are extremely durable. In this case, we suggest that you go for a case that is splashproof, air-tight, and watertight. This is essential if you want the unit to stand the test of time. If it is not strong enough, your stuff inside may not be safe.

2. Withstand Extreme Conditions

Another major advantage of these units is that they are designed to withstand extreme conditions. Even if you use them on a daily basis, they will be good for years to come. In other words, you don’t need to worry about the durability aspect of these units.

3. Customizable

Some of these cases are designed to be customized. The idea is to make sure that you get a unit that you can customize to cover your requirements and needs. Since one size cannot fit everyone, we suggest that you get a customized aluminum case.

For example, you will need a specific type of case to store your tools. Similarly, there are specific aluminum cases if you want to carry delicate items. And the beauty of these things is that they are available in different sizes and shapes.

4. Custom Interior

If you want to protect your delicate items, we suggest that you get a case that comes with custom interiors. In this case, your delicate items will be safe even if the road condition is extremely bad.

5. Timeless Look

We suggest that you get an aluminum case that features a timeless look. After all, you don’t want to get a case that looks ugly or unappealing. So, if you are worried about the aesthetic aspect of these units, we suggest that you get a unit that seems appealing.

6. Corrosion-Resistant

With the passage of time, metal cases tend to face corrosion. Therefore, it is better to get an aluminum case as they are corrosion resistant.

7. Withstand Temperatures

The good thing about an aluminum case is that it can withstand extreme temperatures. Since aluminum features high thermal conductivity, this type of metal can easily transfer heat from your fragile items. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the effects of the elements when it comes to getting your expensive or fragile items from one place to another.

Long story short, these are just some of the benefits of customized aluminum cases. If you have never purchased one, we suggest that you get one today. The beauty of these units is they are much better than other types of metal out there. So, the next time you need to purchase one, you may consider one made from aluminum.

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How Cromacoin Functions to Enhance Businesses Productivity?

Instead for entire details relevant piece of information in this world of modernized technology Cromacoin usually operates on wide-spread public ledger known as Blockchain where entire confirmed transactions. Entire ways where users are aware of each transaction avoid stealing and spending the same currency within stipulated time. This process also supports Blockchain as it is trustworthy for an appropriate piece of content. Cromacoin is one of excellent digital currency which has been stepping up to correspond with better digital currencies exchanges.

Where to store your new ICO’s tokens after procure?

There are diversified applications which one should utilize while obtaining new ICO’s tokens some of the vital key elements are visualized below for better appearance:-

• Full Client Satisfaction- It is one of email server which is encountered without dependent upon third-party servers. It also controls whole transaction from start to an end.

• Trivial Clients- The mandatory vital piece of server surely rely upon customer’s satisfaction as everyone acquires access to the network for uppermost transactions.

• Web Clients- It is the opposite of full client resembling which totally dependent upon the third-party server and operate entire transactions instantly.
Where can you find Cromacoin?

In order to get evolved with this cryptocurrency digital exchanges one can firstly purchase Cromacoin from steps involved below:-

• Cryptocurrency Exchanges where one can exchange regular new ICO tokens.

• One can find a seller or just by SING UP process available for procedural module.

• After Signing up Cromacoin is precious for customers for better investment plans.

Input important credentials to obtain freeway service to your account by SIGN UP process.

• It is recommended to utilize a strong elongated password with a mixture of letters, alphabets and other special characters.

• One will be able to find information about the product in our whitepaper which proffers an extreme most reliable piece of information rapidly.

• Get a proper financial report as ICO’s can be started with crowdfunding.

• Companies utilizing ICO at an earlier stage for traditional businesses acquire whitepaper which is the most likely concern.

One needs explanations about Cromacoin just by examining the whitepaper in ICO’s.

• Get a ratio for cryptocurrency along with procedural modules in accordance to digital currency exchanges.

Where are your tokens? Know more from defined information evaluated

Firstly, it is important to bring tokens for your ICO which is associated with your tokens available as per needs and requirements. It can suffer bit of project keeping in mind a trustworthy project which one can send for Cromacoin analyzed. It is suggested to deposit your new ICO tokens where tokens actually bare and help for your new token repeatedly.

• Set up for a coin and participate in ICO to buy tokens.

• The need of wallet which supported tokens for purchase.

• Participate in ICO to buy tokens from Cromacoin.

• Send ETH for a token purchase and one will be tied to private key of wallet.

• Acquire few pieces of information to accomplish with Cromacoin.

• Send ETH address for ICO and proffer tokens constantly.

• Don’t ask for a deposit which wallet supports for a new token or one can access to your New ICO tokens on Blockchain with appropriate security enabled policies.

How to import ICO tokens into a supported wallet?

If one has contract address for token one can import tokens into wallet. Likewise, our wallet has the capability to hold numerous tokens keeping in mind entire terms accuracy, precise along with efficiency which play a vital role to enhance one’s business productivity. Our wallet is encompassed with unique wallet address which is thereby sent just by input for tokens.

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Why Business Owners Seek to Enter Foreign Markets

It is no longer news that business investors from around the world look at entering foreign markets in order to expand their local business operations or diversify their investments and establish new operations in the international market.

Every year, hundreds of entrepreneurial and growing companies consider international expansion as a marketing and growth strategy.

If you have been successful in your business for some time and you have already mastered everything about running a business, overseas expansion may just be the logical next move you have to make.

On the flip side, for a majority of others, just having an overseas registered company and business address makes more sense to them than moving over to these foreign countries to establish a brick-and-mortar office.

Whichever the case is, there are at least 7 reasons entrepreneurs incorporate an overseas company, subsidiary or a representative office.

1. EXPANSION. About 95% of the world’s consumer’s reside outside Nigeria. Entrepreneurs whose vision and target market is a global one would consider to enter new markets abroad thus increasing their company’s overall market share and growth potentials.

2. POSSIBLE UNTAPPED MARKET. The possibility of an untapped market in foreign jurisdictions may motivate a Nigerian entrepreneur to incorporate an overseas company, subsidiary or representative office of his/her local company. Nigerian entrepreneurs who produce and package local foodstuffs for sale abroad fall into this category.

3. PROXIMITY TO INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS/CUSTOMERS. Truth be told, the Internet hs done enough to bring businesses closer to buyers. However, for some reasons, several business transactions may still warrant a traditional business presence in the city or country of operation. An overseas office of a local company need not be that big, and may be a home business address, a paid virtual office, or a small/liaison office just for the sake of getting customer feedback and linking back to the Nigerian office.

4. CORPORATE IMAGE. In order to boost their corporate image in the eyes of customers, suppliers, investors and businesses, some entrepreneurs just register an overseas subsidiary of their Nigerian company. This gives their target audience an impression that they are a company with international networks. In situations like this, the “international entrepreneur” need not set up a brick-and-mortar office abroad, he/she only pays for a virtual registered office in such country plus a mailing and telephone forwarding service.

5. COMPETITION. The fact that competing businesses or brands are entering the overseas market and are doing well motivates entrepreneurs in similar businesses to follow suit.

6. INTERNATIONAL PAYMENT. There are quite a number of international banking options available to companies registered in overseas jurisdictions – whether you are currently established in the overseas country or operating the overseas company from Nigeria. Having a corporate checking account abroad makes international payment much more easier by direct deposits, cheque or international wire transfers.

7. MIGRATION. Entrepreneurs considering a migration or move to an overseas country may incorporate a company in the destination country pending the time of their travel.

The United Kingdom, for instance, grants an Entrepreneur Visa to persons outside the European Union to gain entry to the UK for business reasons.

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